Job duties and responsibilities
*Operate sweeper/scrubber in order to clean and maintain aisle ways
*Respond to emergency calls to clean up oil & other misc. spills
*Perform daily preventative maintenance including checking oil, fluids,
  Coolant, filters, lights, brooms & keeping unit clean.

*Have the ability to lift up to 40 lbs
*Have the flexibility to bend/stoop, squat repetitive times.
*Have the ability to interact with all personal in a professional and friendly    


Job Duties and responsibilities
Cleaners are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the building in which they work by performing various cleaning duties. Specific tasks are not guaranteed, therefore, must be flexable in performing duties . Tasks may also change throughout a cleaner’s employment.

*Sweep or dust mop floors
*Empty all garbage from receptacles to designated area.
*Clean & disinfect restrooms.
*fill paper towel, soap & toilet paper dispensers as needed
*Sweeps, mops, vacuums with proper equipment.
*wipe & disinfect all telephones
*Dust furniture, equipment, partitions, etc.
*Dust all picture frames and similar hanging objects.
*wipe off all marks, fingerprints & marks on doors and mirrors as needed.


*Report to work each day on time, and work extra hours as needed.
*Employee must comply with proper safety policies and procedures as
  required. (i.e. when using cleaning chemicals, reporting incidents, etc)
*The employee must be able to determine the neatness, accuracy and             
   thoroughness of the work assigned.
*Must be able to take directions from supervisor and work well with others.
*Must be able to speak/understand written English. 

Must have ability to work with other crewmembers and be able to take direction from Supervisor.
Must be able to perform all physical aspects of the above job duties.
Previous experience preferred but not required.
Wages  ???
Hours    ???

There are no educational requirements for this position. A clear understanding of written and spoken English is necessary to read instructions and interact with employees and visitors. Past work experience in commercial cleaning or janitorial work is preferred.


Employees In this job supervise the management of custodial activities In a designated area. The work requires knowledge of the practices and materials of the service and supervisory techniques, personnel policies, and procedures.
The employee functions as a first-line supervisor, providing direction to a variety of subordinate staff. The employee works under general supervision and uses independent judgment  to apply the guidelines to specific situations.


NOTE: The job duties listed are typical examples of the work performed by positions in this job classification. Not all duties assigned to every position are included, nor is it expected that all positions will be assigned every duty.

*Helps select and assign staff, ensuring equal employment opportunity in hiring and promotion.
*Coordinates activities by scheduling work assignments, setting priorities, and directing the work of subordinate employees.
*Evaluates and verifies employee performance through the review of completed work assignments and work techniques.
*Identifies staff development and training needs and ensures that training is obtained.
*Ensures proper labor relations and conditions of employment are maintained.
*Maintains records, prepares reports, and composes correspondence relative to the work.
*Makes rounds to check for crew coverage of designated work areas
*Conducts inspections and investigates complaints of the buildings to check for cleanliness, and advise subordinates of found conditions and methods of correction.
*Determines materials, supplies, and equipment needs: requisitions cleaning supplies and material.
*Inspects equipment for cleanliness and repairs.
*Trains subordinates in job skills, proper cleaning methods, and use of equipment, safety practices and in work relations.
*Performs related work as assigned.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
*Thorough knowledge of the standard methods, equipment, and supplies used in large scale janitorial activities of the service.
*Thorough knowledge of the qualities, adaptabilities, and common use of tools, equipment, and materials used in cleaning and maintenance activities.
*Thorough knowledge of occupational hazards and safety rules and regulations.
*Considerable knowledge of employee policies and procedures.
*Ability to operate and use tools and equipment of the janitorial service.
*Ability to maintain cleaning equipment and machinery.
*Ability to develop work schedules making the most efficient use of personal.
*Ability to train and supervise a large group of employees.

Working conditions
Some jobs require an employee to be exposed to hazardous work enviroments and conditions.

Physical Requirements
The job duties require an employee to bend, reach, and stand for extended periods of time.

No specific amount is required.

2 years preferred.

Special Requirements, Licenses, and Certifications

Note: Equivalent combinations of education and experience that provide the required knowledge, skills, and abilities will be evaluated on a individual basis.